LHR Jan-Feb 2014

Location: Heathrow LHR
Date: January-February 2014
The winter months offer the perfect light for photos when the sun is out. Then when the clouds arise around us you can still get good effects from a dark backdrop.

We are very lucky at Heathrow where you get a large volume of traffic but a good variety with it. We still get a few 747's among the A380's and 787's. American Airlines send a range of craft including 777, 300's and 200's as United Airlines send us 777's, 767's with and without winglets, Delta send us aircraft with a motif upon them. We get 787's from Qatar, Air India and our own British Airways but the best looking 787 in the sky is from China Southern. TAM will sadly stop sending the 767 to us very soon. Even Scandinavian send us a logo jet, whilst Air New Zealand continue their fantastic Hobbit schemes. A lot to see but always reliant upon the weather.