LHR Dec 2012

Location: Heathrow LHR
Date: December 2012
Well Christmas has arrived and New Year is upon us. One last visit to Heathrow on a fairly sunny day only gave me a couple of decent photos of interest and the rest are to fill the page a little.

This completes my first year of having a web page and hopefully it will have been of interest to a few of you. As this year has been such a wash-out weather-wise, I am ever hopeful that next year will be better.

We may be lucky and see some drastic changes of liveries, unlike Air France, LOT, Swiss etc. BA have almost finished painting the inherited fleet of BMI with the odd hybrid on the way and I suppose we will be fed up of seeing 787's and winglets on everything by this time next year. Bring on the new airlines and colour schemes.

I wish you all a great festive season and thank-you for looking at my site. Yours Chris