Cartagena 2020

Location: Cartagena
Date: 2020

A few days in Cartagena, Colombia with my wife gave me the opportunity to visit Cartagena Rafael Nunez International Airport. There are only three spots to get photos, one of which is against the sun most of the day or the planes do not land from that end. The second is a good place but in a very poor area and I didn't want to tempt the residents with my expensive lens and camera on show. So the third spot had to suffice. You can get some shots over the fence if they are not too high and if they overshoot the apron, you can get them through the fence on track back.

A nice variety of South and North American traffic with the odd Canadian visitor and a daily KLM 787. The police and Army are based here too which gives you the chance to get the odd Beech 1900 or Helicopter.