AYT Sept 2012

Location: Antalya AYT
Date: September 2012
Ian Norris, Mike Irish, Vincent de Koning, Maarten Visser and Myself met up after landing on various flights to spend a few days around Antalya, looking for a few new subjects, and this place never lets you down.

For the un-initiated, a few notes. Car hire is not the cheapest, and Antalya is a big Airport, so you will need one. Early morning starts will get you some good Russian craft, but be aware that our hobby is not understood. The Police will arrive and they will move you on, but with a little patience, you will get some good photos.

The traffic was for the most part what you might see at most European airports, but where else could you guarantee perfect Blue skies? The following photos are just a brief idea of what you might see here. Please enjoy.