AYT July 2014

Location:Antalya AYT
Date: July 2014
This visit to Antalya was a family holiday but by getting up at 05.30 in the morning and catching the early arrivals, I could be back at the hotel for 09.30 to have a family breakfast and then spend the day out with them. Then I spent a couple of hours each evening before dinner catching what I could of the evening arrivals.

As always this airport is a Russian mecca. New to me this year were Royal Flight, Yan Air, Sunday Airlines, Ikar Air, Pegas and Kharkiv Airlines. I have also posted a few of the normal arrivals alongside a few specials.

Unlike previous years, the locals are quite happy to see you and leave you alone.

Another trip is planned for September to get all the ones that I missed on this trip.